First Level Remote Learning

Welcome to our First Level remote learning webpage. 

Activities given here will help you in providing additional learning experiences to the daily tasks given via the Home Learning Seesaw App. 

Feel free to explore the different Remote Learning webpages for activities that your child finds interesting. Let us know if you find something fabulous and we'll share it so everyone can have a go!

 A wee word of warning....some online activities are proving to be very popular, and are not always able to meet demand.  If you experience this, have a go at some of the off-line activities, or give your child some real-life learning with household tasks - maybe sort the washing or bake some cookies for snack time.

There is also great value in playing board games, reading books, singing songs, helping to prepare food and doing arts and crafts  Play Scotland offer some fabulous ideas of things to do at home.

Play Scotland

Education City

 Education City is a great online resource for all primary ages to practise Literacy and Numeracy

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a great site for kids, who like stories. You can sign up for the e-book library to read and listen to books at all levels.

Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Cosmic Kids Yoga introduces children to mindfulness and yoga through the fun of storytelling.  These yoga adventures allow children to use their imagination while learning relaxation techniques as well as developing gross motor skills. 

Scottish Book Trust 

Scottish Book Trust is a national charity which believes that the ability to read and write changes lives. The website provides live story sessions and activity ideas to help promote literacy at home. 

Mr T’s Phonics 

Mr Thorne and his friend Geraldine giraffe introduce children to phonics through a series of fun videos. 


Dynamic Earth Online 

Dynamic Earth’s website has a section for children dedicated to learning. There are activities such as; experiments and crafts, climate change science and stories, short videos, and thought-provoking reading. 

Words for Life

Words for Life is created by the National Literacy Trust. It aims to help provide parents and guardians with information, resources and activities to help support children’s language, literacy and communication skills at home. 


The Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) website has a section dedicated to fun and learning for children. Through a variety of games, story telling and activities the RSPB aim to help educate children about the wildlife found living around us. 

RZSS Discovery Learning 

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) are the wildlife conservation charity behind two of our local zoo’s; Edinburgh Zoo and The Highland Wildlife Park in Aviemore. Their website provides free online resources, allowing children to learn about different species of animals. There are also opportunities to watch live footage from the zoos. 

Top Marks 

Top marks provide free educational games for all ages, covering all aspects of the curriculum. 

Draw with Rob 

Rob Biddulph is an award-winning author and illustrator who has created draw along videos for parents and children alike. 


The Wonderopolis website provides visitors with a new ‘wonder’ to investigate every day. These wonderings cover all aspects of the curriculum. With topics such as “why are pygmy hippos so small” and “how is paint made” there is something to cover all interests. As well as providing the initial topic there is then facts, information and activities based on each wonder to explore. 

Sublime Science

A free resource of fun science experiments using everyday household items. 

5 Minute Moves with Joe Wicks 

5-minute workouts with Joe Wicks to help support gross motor skills such as balance and coordination. 

Space Place 

Explore earth and space through the North American Space Administration’s (NASA) website specifically dedicated to kids learning. 

Power Wise 


Power Wise from Scottish Power aims to educate children about the dangers of electricity by teaching them to be safe and responsible through various activities and animations. It also aims to ignite children’s interest in the future of electricity. 


Fire Safety 


This is an online resource from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service which aims to highlight the importance of safety through the use of games, videos and stories. 




The children often watch newsround in school to keep them up to  date with what is going on in the world.