Health & Wellbeing

Healthy Eating Active Lifestyle Towards A Happier You = HEALTHY!

At Parent Contact in March 2018 we issued you with a letter about “Circle Assemblies”.  We started this approach last session and it involves every child from P1-P7 having a voice at assembly time with the focus being their health and wellbeing and gaining a greater understanding of what is known as SHANARRI- the eight wellbeing indicators (just ask your child as they should be able to tell you what these are!).

Every child is part of a group, comprising children across P1-P7 all in the same House Team. Each group is led by at least two P7 pupils and they follow a structured programme of topics across eight assemblies (these are not consecutive weeks due to Sharing Learning Assemblies and assemblies with other visitors scheduled).

Over the course of the eight Circle Assemblies, the P7s will lead their respective groups in discussions linked to:

  1. Healthy Eating
  2. Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  3. Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport

These in turn will be linked to the eight indicators on the wellbeing wheel- SHANARRI

Where do you come in?

At the end of each Circle Assembly activities that can be carried out at home will be posted here on the school website and you will be signposted to them via twitter/text.

Our first Circle Assembly is Tuesday 27 March 2018 and here are some activities linked to it that we would like you to try at home! Circle Assembly SAFE

 Our focus of Circle Assembly 2 on Friday 20 April 2018 was the wellbeing indicator HEALTHY.  Here are some activities we would like you to take part in with your child at home Circle Assembly HEALTHY . Please share your wellbeing home learning with us as we're really keen to learn how you have been enjoying them! 

Circle  Assembly 3 on Friday 11 May 2018 had a focus on the wellbeing indicator ACHIEVING.  Here are some activities to do at home with your child linked to this ACHIEVING Circle Assembly.   There are at least 20 House Points for this being done and shared with us in school!

Circle Assembly 4 on Friday 18 May will be with a focus on the SHANARRI wellbeing indicator "NURTURED" . Here are more activities for you to do at home to support your child's wellbeing- healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and physical health & fitness.  House Points for this being shared with us in school! The link is here NURTURED

Circle Assembly 5 on Friday 25 May had a focus on the wellbeing indicator "ACTIVE".  Here are more activities you can do at home together to support your child having an active lifestyle and understanding the importance this has to wellbeing. House Points can be claimed for doing one or all of these activities! The link is here ACTIVE

Circle Assembly 6 Tuesday 5 June with the SHANARRI Indicator "RESPECTED" the focus.  There are some really fun and helpful activities we have devised for you to do at home with your child ( and earn House Points as you do them!). The link is here RESPECTED.

Circle Assembly 7 Friday 15 June has been to focus on the SHANRRI Indicator "RESPONSIBLE". We have activities that you can do at home to consolidate the work we do in school and ensure that all children grow up knowing how to be healthy.  The link is here RESPONSIBLE and there are House Points for sharing what you do at home with us in school!

Final Circle Assembly of this school session 22 June 2018 and also final SHANNARI Indicator "INCLUDED".  Here are the final Home Learning Activities linked to wellbeing and specifically INCLUDED .