Take a look in the other remote learning tabs for some ideas of sites to help you learn at home. We love to hear from you so let us know how you get on!

Remote learning sites of the week

Each week we will share our favourite sites of the week here!

BBC Bitesize

The BBC Bitesize site has a wide range of lessons covering all subject areas and lots of resources too, there is something for everyone!

P1 –

P2-P4 –

P5-P7 –

Google Maps

Let your children explore their local area, places they have been on holiday, places they would love to go – anywhere in the world! Clicking on satellite view makes it even more interesting.


To support learning at home all p1-p7 children have log in details to access GLOW.

To download and read a Glow Guide for Parents / Carers click here or watch online below.  To download and read a guide on Microsoft Teams and OneNote click here

 All classes are now using see-saw to access learning at home.  Please contact the school if you need support to access see-saw at home!